Sunil Tanksale

Every day at ACG is full of new opportunities & challenges. With growing business globally, the organisation is also ensuring the growth & success of its associates. We have very strong systems & policies. The organisation in every situation stands for its associates & their family. 

Luana Landim 

"There were many moments and situations that I have experienced at ACG. I began my journey in the productive area, as a quality inspector, I was the first woman to work in the area in our unit, and that opened doors to many others who are part of our team today. I'm very proud to have pioneered this challenge. I have a purpose at ACG, and I still have a lot to learn in the company, both in terms of quality and in relation to people. ACG is open to communication, offers good benefits, and opportunities for those who are committed and do their best."

Bhupesh Lad 

I have completed 33 years with ACG as my first organization.

There are so many areas, which are holding me to continue with ACG but major are as below.

  1. Empowerment to self & team.
  2. Always learning culture & no fear for the failures.
  3. Customer centric organization.
  4. Excellent customer connect as well as respect self as solution provider.
  5. Along with company, self-growth from Management Trainee to General Manager.

Erick Sousa

“I feel happy and encouraged to be part of a such prepared team, with colleagues always ready to help. The work environment is clean and friendly, and brought a lot of learning to my career.I can contribute to ACG in many ways, particularly when we have good results, because I make this company my company. Day-to-day challenges give me the impetus to find out what I can do to improve the company tomorrow.”

Govindan Goel

ACG has given me opportunities to grow at every stage of my career. Here we have transparent culture and one can share their views and new ideas on open table. It gives you a proud feeling for working for a company that truly value their employees as individual. Mot important thing is leadership team has created a wonderful working environment. 

Rahul Sharma

Empowerment and Accountability are the two main reasons for me being a part of ACG family for almost a decade. The leadership team at ACG greatly empowers their associates in dealing with the any kind of situation and then backing them up in adversity. This has led to a great sense of accountability and passion in individuals to strive for better results. I have seen this for 10 years and this has always been ACGi’s core philosophy.

Laxman Gurkhe

I am serving for more than 24year in ACG.Being my first organization, there is always special place for ACG 😊 This company groomed me personally as well as professionally. Employee oriented and customer centric place to work.  Given an opportunity, I would like to serve this company as much as I can.

Mateja Matijašec

My Journey in ACG started right after finishing the faculty and as it was my first job it was challenging but with a lot of learning opportunities. In this now almost 10 years in ACG, I have been working in different areas in the Quality department and collaborated with different departments which has given me a broader knowledge needed for the current work as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist. In regulatory affairs work is always dynamic and interesting and it gives a lot of opportunities for learning and communicating with people s from all over the world

Pavan Kumar 

I am with ACG for last 20+ years. I joined ACG Delhi NCR in July 2000. I have seen a couple of mergers and demergers during these years and witnessed transformation of a mid-sized company to World’s second largest capsules company i.e. ACG Capsules. The journey had been eventful and fruitful. I have grown as a professional and moved across the ladder form an individual contributor to a team manager.