Aspire program, associates are groomed for future leadership roles where ACG puts critical and challenging responsibilities and opportunities on young shoulders. The program also offers diversified opportunities through global mobility and educational assistance to help them improve their learning curve and pace their career path.

Whether a Management Trainee, a Graduate Engineer Trainee or an Intern , they are encouraged to bring their best ideas to work. A “caring” team, “collaborative” workplace and “progressive” career are what an Aspire can look forward to at ACG.

Through Aspire, we build the “Change Agents” and “Future Leaders”

If you have the dedication, agility, and an innovative mindset we would love to hear from you!

Aditya Kelkar

My aspire journey has been fulfilling and has taught the immense power of synergistic working .I started first in the engineering division of the group and later shifted within the group to a consumables division. This gave me an exposure which very few have been able to get at an early stage. I am now a part of the group key talent pool which has expanded my learning universe and brought me at parr with all international colleagues of the ACG group. The amount of opportunity and exposure a fresher requires in the early stage of our professional journey is made available for us. In ACG there are only two outcomes, Success and Learning.

Khusbhu Patel

Continuous learning and varied experience is what I have gained in over two year experience at ACG.
I joined ACG with only some experience in marketing with start-ups. Aspire program provided me the required kickstart to my sales career.This program gave me an opportunity to work with different customer segments – national and international, explore new ways to develop business in different markets and collaborate & learn extensively with amazing associates within the firm. I am grateful for the opportunities and growth offered by ACG through its Aspire program.


Sukesh Kumar Thogaru

Aspire program offers a diverse experience, I got a chance to meet, interact, and work with the top management of the ACG and people from different industries, with varied mindsets. This kind of experience helped me relate to a wide range of people and helped me be comfortable in various kinds of situations that I would not have ever seen if not for here .The Aspire program is the most ideal way of learning leadership through on-field experience and mentoring at the hand of business leaders. 

Prathima Mugase

It was a great opportunity for me to get placed in ACG as an Aspire GET. From college to now as Engineer in Projects from FP and machine departments, I got an fair opportunity to give my best in every department.The willingness to allocate the actual work to the fresher and training them for their future responsibility was the best part about my aspire Journey. programmes, trainings designed for freshers made the difference. In my opinion, the openness ACG offered to the freshers like us at that time to ask questions, to express our views even in front of senior managements at the early stage was something difficult to imagine in other companies. 

Omkar Umarani 

“ My aspire journey started in 2018 and it is a terrific journey till date. I started as a coordinator for Operational Excellence initiatives across ACGE and now working as a part of Continuous Improvement Cell. I got to work on interesting projects which had a great impact across the organization. I got chance to interact with and work with the Top Management. My journey as an Aspire candidate @ ACG has really put a strong foundation of my career by empowering me to take challenges and work with cross functional teams.”

Sweena Gore

My journey as an aspire trainee started in 2015 through campus placement. The entire placement process was very well planned and went smoothly.The Aspire program was meticulously planned. ACG is a very transparent organization. In the first year itself, we get to know our role and the work that is expected from us. The management i supportive & always reachable.Being a fresher, we do not know how companies work; But, people here make it easier to adjust into the professional world. All in all, it is a great experience to work with this company.


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